Nonconformity management software,
Control your product quality
by digitalizing your nonconformity records

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Improve the quality
of your products and services

  • Improve your customer satisfaction to boost their loyalty
  • Retaining your customers increases your company’s long-term profitability.
  • Improve the quality of your products by defining preventive and curative actions to be carried out when a nonconformity is declared.
  • Corrective, preventive and curative actions are decisive in winning new customers and growing your market share.
  • Improve the quality of your services through effective management of incidents and customer feedback
  • Protect your brand image and avoid any customer dissatisfaction. Media contagion can spread extremely quickly, especially through social networks.
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Reduce costs with
preventive action

  • Presenting a web form for declaring and identifying customer complaints or nonconformity records enables you to reduce the cost of addressing them and improves your organization’s financial results.
  • No more uncontrolled declarations – the quality process is secured and practices are followed without the need for cumbersome training
  • Preventive actions limit the number of nonconformities and reduce the need for technical support operations
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Detect nonconformities

and trigger corrective action

  • Any employee can declare a nonconformity record
  • The qualification process is triggered automatically
  • A supervisor is selected instantly to qualify the nonconformity and track the associated actions
  • Each corrective or preventive action is tracked, processed and evaluated
  • Everyone involved is kept informed of progress on nonconformities, the associated actions and their evaluation
  • workey processus
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  • workey liste des non conformités
  • workey formulaire de qualification d une non conformité
  • workey formulaire de déclaration des non conformités
  • Workey gestion des non conformités
  • workey gestion des non conformités

Why choose nonconformity
management software?

Nonconformity management enables you to control and certify the quality of your products and services. Mastering this aspect of the QMS (Quality Management System) is thus an important priority for your company, whether you apply an ISO approach or not. This makes it essential to be able to report and declare nonconformities quickly so that non-compliant products, unsatisfactory services and unsuitable procedures can be kept to one side and corrected. This nonconformity declaration must be followed by the establishment of an appropriate action plan. The actions can also be declared within our risk management solution.

Image the nonconformity management software helps you control and certify the quality of your products.

How to deal effectively with nonconformities

Thanks to this quality management solution, you can manage the whole life cycle of the nonconformity record (declaration, qualification, corrective action, fault identification, evaluation of actions, verification, closure for archiving). You provide your employees with a simple solution for declaring nonconformities easily. All employees become active players in your quality system. A form is used to declare nonconformities easily, qualifying them with several fields: origin of the nonconformity (internal, supplier, customer complaint, equipment, item etc.), nonconformity type, description, photos, difference observed etc.

workey nonconformity declaration form
workey list of nonconformities

Supervision and monitoring of corrective actions to reduce risks

This application helps the quality manager (QM) in the everyday management of nonconformities (NCs). Once the NC is declared via a form, it is immediately qualified by a supervisor. Whenever a request is made, the supervisor can decide to create different corrective or preventive action records, based on a list of suggestions, for processing by the people responsible for them. Once these corrective actions have been taken, the supervisor analyzes, checks and measures the performance of the actions and closes the nonconformity. If the evaluation of the action is not satisfactory, the action plan is adjusted for further processing to achieve progress in the evaluation. An audit can then be scheduled, producing a report for your quality system.

Measurements and quality indicators complying with ISO standards

Various dashboards enable you to monitor nonconformities. This gives you a tool for supervising and improving your quality system with a set of graphical indicators, such as breakdowns of nonconformities by origin (internal, customer complaint, supplier), status or category. You also have metrics on the monthly breakdown of nonconformities created and closed. This makes it easier to track preventive and corrective actions.

Workey nonconformity management
workey process

Quality process and customizable forms

The nonconformity management solution is 100% customizable. Developed using the Workey BPM solution, the application is fully configurable – you can change the validation process and the data sections in the nonconformity record. You can therefore have an application that meets all your requirements, without any development (low-code approach).



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