General terms and conditions
of use of the service


C-Log International, a limited company (“société anonyme”) listed with the Bobigny commercial and companies register under the number 419 670 906, with its registered office at 2/4 rue du Centre, 93160 Noisy Le Grand, France, hereinafter “C-Log International”, offers an online service for managing, monitoring and terminating contracts.

These Terms and Conditions of Use (T&Cs) aim to define the terms under which this service, hereinafter “the Service”, is used by the user, hereinafter “the User”. By using the Service in any way, the User acknowledges that they are bound by these T&Cs.

02-Ownership of Customer Data

The Customer remains the exclusive owner of the contractual data (“Customer Data”) provided. With the exception of the Customer Data, the Service and all its contents are the exclusive property of C-Log International. C-Log International grants each User only a non-exclusive, non-transferable and temporary right to use the Service.

03-Confidentiality of Customer Data

C-Log International will not use, reproduce, adapt, modify, publish or distribute any Customer Data for any reason without the Customer’s express consent. C-Log International employees are bound by a strict confidentiality agreement.
No C-Log International employee has access to Customer Data except in the case of an official investigation into illicit or illegal use under the terms of the Law or these T&Cs.

04-Validity and Protection of Customer Data

In accordance with the law and with standard practice, C-Log International takes all appropriate steps to ensure the integrity of its premises and the conservation of documents, together with the protection and confidentiality of the collection, storage and processing of Customer Data.

05-Guarantee disclaimer for the free use of the service

The use of the free version of the service comes with no guarantees of any kind. C-Log International does not provide any express or implied guarantee relating to the User’s use of the Service, including the availability of the Service and the reliability of the results obtained by using the Service. C-Log International has no obligation to provide the user with maintenance and/or additional updates.

C-Log International cannot be held liable for any breach of the User’s obligations arising from this contract by the User, including the instructions for use and operation. C-Log International does not guarantee that the Software will operate correctly in any computer environment or that its operation will be free of defects.

C-Log International can never be held liable for any disruptions or interruptions to networks providing access to the Internet. C-Log International accepts no liability for any damage, direct or indirect, linked to the use of performance of the Software, including loss of profits, opportunity cost, loss or corruption of data, loss of clientèle or any commercial disruption arising from the use of or inability to use the Service or the incorrect operation or malfunction of the Software for any reason. In particular, C-Log International cannot be held liable for any corruption of information, programs, files or databases following the use of the Service.

06-Termination without notice and unused accounts

The Customer may terminate the Service at any time, without notice or reason, by post or email. If the Customer terminates the Service, C-Log International undertakes to delete all the Customer’s data from its servers at the Customer’s request within one month.

If the Customer does not log in within a period of 12 months from the last login, despite a warning sent 1 month before the expiry date, then 15 days before the expiry date and then 7 days before the expiry date, the account will be closed automatically and the Customer’s data will be deleted from the server.


The operation of the Service may be suspended temporarily to carry out maintenance or updates:

  • without notice outside working hours or in cases of strict necessity;
  • with 24 hours’ notice for any operation that may exceed four hours during working hours.

08-Financial terms

Free packages allow for an unlimited number of contracts. C-Log International may offer additional free credits enabling other actions, and may modify their number and scope at any time (restricting volumes, numbers of contracts etc.).

09-Obligations and liability

If these terms are not respected, C-Log International may terminate any User or Customer’s account unilaterally and without delay by sending a notification electronically, without prejudice to any damages with interest that C-Log may claim in compensation for the breach. In particular, every Customer undertakes:

  • to check the accuracy of the information provided and use appropriate software and hardware to check its validity
  • not to alter, reproduce, correct, rearrange, modify or redistribute the Service in any way;
  • to ensure their data complies with the legislation in force and with the rights of third parties, to obtain without assistance any authorizations required and to indemnify C-Log International against any claims by third parties.

C-Log International cannot be held liable for incorrect use of the Service by the Customer or for login information being stolen or compromised.

10-Data protection

The information collected by C-Log International for technical purposes, identification, invoicing, information or to improve its Service is declared to the French data protection authority (CNIL). Every User has the right to access, correct, oppose and delete their data.
In accordance with article 39 et seq. of the amended French law 78-17 of 6 January 1978 on data protection, all Users have the right to access and correct information held about them. Users who wish to exercise this right and find out what information is held about them should contact C-Log International.

11-Applicable law and relevant jurisdiction

These T&Cs are governed by French law. If any provision of the T&Cs is found to be invalid or declared so in application of a law or regulation or following a final decision by a competent authority, the other provisions will remain in force with their scope unchanged. Any disagreements as to the validity, interpretation, fulfillment or termination of these T&Cs are subject to the relevant French jurisdiction. In the event of a dispute, the courts within the competence of the Bobigny court of appeal will have sole jurisdiction.

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