Risk and opportunity management

Monitor, manage and anticipate
your risks and opportunities

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Improve the performance
of your quality system

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operational risks

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Receive alerts
about the actions to be put in place

Why choose software to manage
risks and opportunities?

Managing and monitoring risks and opportunities is an important activity in the quality department. This management is an essential part of ISO 9001:2015 certification. It is checked during quality audits

Image the management software helps you monitor, create and anticipate your risks and opportunities.


  • Defining the organization’s risks and opportunities
  • Defining different action plans
  • Putting actions into practice and tracking their completion

This risk and opportunity management application helps you in your everyday monitoring of the actions that have been defined.

It is the ideal complement to a nonconformity record management solution.


  • This application enables you to structure your thinking about the management of risks and opportunities
  • Prove that you are meeting this requirement as part of your ISO 9001:2015 certification
  • The risk and opportunity management application is a 100% customizable solution.
  • Developed using the Workey BPM solution, the application is fully configurable – you can change the process and the data sections in the action plan or the action, and you can manage multiple administrators and operational staff members within the organization

You can therefore have an application that meets all of your requirements, without any development.

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