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Monitor incidents with one click using a ticketing tool

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Improve the performance
of your IT system with ticket monitoring

  • Any user can open a ticket using a form
  • The support service is informed immediately
  • Discussions between the user and the support service are tracked
  • All users can monitor their tickets, edit them and close them
  • All users receive a high-quality helpdesk service
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Reduce the impact
on support/hotline activities

  • No more uncontrolled support requests. Tickets are recorded and follow a processing workflow.
  • Users can monitor the status of their tickets without needing to contact the support service.
  • Communication between the support service and users is improved
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Reduce the time needed to process
and resolve tickets

  • Tickets can be allocated automatically to a team with the relevant skills
  • The ticket submission form presents drop-down lists that make it easier to qualify tickets
  • Users can call up their tickets without waiting for a response from the support service to provide extra information
  • The ticket repository constitutes a knowledge base making it easier to examine and process tickets
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Why choose ticketing

Managing and monitoring incident tickets is a critical activity for the IT department. It reduces the impact of incidents on business activity, improving users’ performance and satisfaction. Declaring a ticket by email is not the most efficient solution. The ticket arrives in a generic mailbox, its content is unstructured, and there is no specific information on the client or user. The client or user has no follow-up mechanism, and so is likely to contact you by phone or create a new ticket email to ensure the issue will be processed. Monitoring tickets created by email quickly becomes impossible, as does SLA monitoring. Ticket declaration, monitoring and processing can be managed easily and simply with a ticket management solution, whether for internal use by your users and the support service or for use by your customers and the department responsible for processing their requests.

Image the ticket management software helps you reduce the impact of incidents on your activities.

Simplified ticket declaration

This helpdesk application assists you in the everyday declaration and monitoring of your tickets or incidents and improves the customer experience. Users can open a ticket by entering the details into a form. The form is structured, enabling the ticket to be qualified very easily and allowing attachments to be added. The form offers pull-down menus to make it easy to fill in, guiding the user through the declaration phase.

Ticket monitoring and processing

With this web-based ticket management tool, you can manage the whole life cycle of your customer and incident tickets. From creation to resolution, you provide the best support for your users. Each user can declare a ticket via a portal and view its progress toward resolution. They can add extra information at any time. The support service takes charge of the ticket, qualifies it, prioritizes it, asks for any additional information needed and processes the ticket as quickly as possible. Each member of the support team can take charge of a ticket and ask other members for advice. Private areas enable discussions to be restricted to the support team. A public area enables communication with the user.

SLA monitoring and supervision

Various dashboards provide an overview of your tickets and their priority within the queue. One click gives access to indicators relating to SLAs, ticket numbers for each month and breakdowns by type. Graphical dashboards give a real-time view of the numbers of tickets opened and closed and incident resolution times. The SLAs are fully customizable based on how you operate and the indicators you want to see. For example, the maximum time for responding to a ticket defined as “urgent”.

Customizable ticketing software

This ticketing software is a 100% customizable helpdesk solution. Developed using the Workey BPM solution, the application is fully configurable – you can change the validation process and the data sections in the ticket. You can therefore have an application that meets all your requirements, without any development (low-code approach).

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workey ticket management
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