Indirect purchasing management software, P2P

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Increase your efficiency with purchasing and e-invoicing software

Using a single interface to manage the whole indirect purchasing life cycle: purchase request, purchase order, receiving the order, invoice receipt and smart recognition, automatic invoice reconciliation, payment authorization.

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Reduce your operational risks with a complete purchasing and payment approval process

The procurement process is secured.
No more spot purchasing.
Control over compliance.
All activities, from purchasing request to payment authorization, are tracked.

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Reduce your costs and processing times

By eliminating email exchanges and internal distribution. No more copies of purchase requests or chasing up invoice approvals. The purchasing process is 100% digital, optimized and secure. Every purchasing request is managed, filed and stored in a single EDM repository, accessible from any web browser, with all the documents available.

The non-production or indirect purchasing process can no longer remain the poor relation of digital technology!

How many purchasing requests are made outside the procurement policy? or outside any process at all? Despite the well-known situations we see every day:

  • No checks on the level of spending commitment relative to the budget,
  • No management approval,
  • Orders placed with unlisted suppliers,
  • Invoices received by the accounts department without knowing their source,
  • Invoices paid without authorization.
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What does non-production/indirect procurement management

Indirect purchases, also referred to as non-production or non-strategic purchases, cover the products and services that are necessary for the company to operate but are not directly related to its core business. This type of purchase includes, for example, investment spending (CAPEX), intellectual services, general expenses, vehicle fleets, transport etc.

On average, this category represents 30% of procurement volume, and 80% of companies acknowledge that they do not have a global view of their indirect purchases.

Many companies use a spreadsheet to keep track, but we all know the limits of this approach!

And yet indirect purchasing has a big impact!

The question no longer even arises for strategic or core business purchases. These have long been subject to structured management, using well-established processes and integrated software or solutions. The same can’t be said for indirect purchases, which are poorly managed in 80% of companies.

But the issue of indirect procurement is worth optimizing, because these one-off or irregular purchases, if properly managed, can provide a source of real savings.

You want to:

  • End spot purchases,
  • Control and secure the whole process, from purchase to payment,
  • Reconcile purchasing and finance,
  • Rationalize the number of suppliers.
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Workey P2P, an integrated purchasing solution that secures and facilitates procurement management

This purchase to pay application is a simple, intuitive web solution that offers a rich feature set as standard:

  • Digitalizing the purchasing request via a form,
  • Management approval workflow based on the level of expenditure,
  • Supplier listing,
  • Issuing purchase orders,
  • Managing total and partial receipt,
  • Digitalizing supplier invoices,
  • Smart invoice recognition,
  • Automatic order/invoice reconciliation,
  • Invoice validation and payment authorization workflow launched directly from within the solution or via a signature book,
  • Filing all documents in the EDM system – orders, delivery notes, invoices,
  • Purchase/order/invoice management dashboard,
  • Searching.

Workey P2P helps you manage your purchasing in real time

The digitalization of the process for requesting purchases and processing orders and supplier invoices through the Workey P2P solution enables you to collect and keep track of large amounts of information, which the solution uses and presents in the form of dashboards.

This allows you to measure the performance of the process using various metrics:

  • Number of purchasing requests per month,
  • Number of orders placed per month,
  • Number of automatic order/invoice reconciliations per month,
  • Number of manual reconciliations per month,

You can also measure financial performance with key indicators:

  • Purchasing breakdown by cost center,
  • Total orders received and not invoiced,
  • Total invoices received and not paid,

Finally, Workey P2P helps you analyze the performance of your suppliers:

  • Purchase amount per supplier,
  • Number of disputed invoices per supplier,

If you would like to discover the solution’s full potential, schedule a demonstration or request a free version to test and compare.

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A purchasing management solution that can be customized to meet all your needs

Workey P2P is a solution that incorporates a powerful workflow engine and an ECM system for storing all your documents (purchase requests, orders, delivery notes, invoices). All the elements of the solution can be customized without any development (low-code approach):

  • Dashboard,
  • Approval workflow for purchase requests,
  • Approval workflow for invoices,
  • Issuing electronic purchase orders,
  • Forms for entering information about the purchase request,
  • Statistics for monitoring purposes,
  • Automatic invoice recognition,
  • ECM classification scheme.

An electronic purchasing solution with multiple benefits

Workey P2P, the digitalization solution for indirect purchasing, provides many benefits for every department in the company: procurement, finance, senior management. It cuts costs, boosts productivity and reinforces compliance control. The Workey P2P solution can be combined with our supplier contract management solution to cover supplier listing and the purchases associated with these contracts.

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Benefits for
the procurement department

  • No more spot purchases,
  • Supervision of the whole transaction, from purchase to payment,
  • Stronger relationships with suppliers,
  • Better financial terms,
  • Respect for deadlines and contractual commitments.
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Benefits for
the finance department

  • Real-time tracking of expenditure per cost center,
  • Time saved on processing invoices,
  • Better control of compliance.
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Benefits for
senior management

  • A reduction in processing costs of 50% to 60%,
  • A secure electronic process that reduces fraud,
  • A zero-paper approach, eliminating the potential losses and risks associated with manual administration,
  • A simple, easy-to-use solution that can be adopted quickly by all staff.

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