HR onboarding process, employee induction
Facilitate the integration
of your new employees

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Improve the welcome
given to new employees

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Reduce logistical problems
and improve general services

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Anticipate the onboarding
process in advance

Why choose onboarding software?

No network access, no email address, no computer, no phone and, in some cases, not even a desk. Forgetting to prepare for a new employee’s arrival at the company in advance is not without consequences!
But the process of integrating a new employee, so critical for the HR department, does not involve the HR department alone. Many departments are involved, which makes it necessary to control the process and ensure it is managed efficiently from end to end.

Image the onboarding software helps you make it easier to integrate your new employees.

This application helps you in your everyday preparations for the arrival of new employees with a form that circulates between all the departments involved (line manager, IT, general services, telephony etc.).

With this application, you can manage the whole life cycle of the onboarding process, from initialization to closure.

Various dashboards enable you to monitor requests and their priority levels.

The Workey Onboarding solution is 100% customizable. Developed using the Workey BPM solution, the application is fully configurable – you can change the validation process and the data sections in the request. You can therefore have an application that meets all of your requirements, without any development.

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