Correspondence management software
Digitalize your incoming and outgoing mail monitoring

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Increase your efficiency with correspondence management software

The software provides a single interface for accessing correspondence. You can annotate each letter using online collaboration and publishing tools. Outbound mail management and correspondence as a whole are automated.

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Reduce your operational risks with secure mail distribution

Distribution is monitored via dashboards. This makes it easy to track mail for each department, mail type and level of urgency. A signature system is available as an option for signing outgoing mail.

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Reduce your correspondence management costs

No more distribution trolleys or copying mail. Scanned letters are secured, managed, classified and stored in a single repository accessible from any web browser.

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Why choose software for
managing incoming and outgoing mail electronically?

The difficulties of manual mail distribution

Every day, your company or organization receives large amounts of incoming paper mail, such as administrative documents (supplier invoices, order forms etc.) and responses to various operations (complaints, membership forms, questionnaires, surveys).

Regardless of the organization’s size and area of activity (district council, municipal authority, city hall, private company, association etc.), electronic correspondence management is a critical activity that requires an end-to-end process for monitoring and administration. Manual mail distribution combined with multiple inbound channels (paper mail, email, forms, telephone calls etc.) is a source of errors and omissions and does not allow efficient supervision of mail handling. Manual organization of mail sorting, distribution, printing and archiving often leads to:

  • Lost or forgotten letters causing delays
  • Document classification errors
  • Costs associated with the manual operations of mail processing, sorting and distribution

The challenges of correspondence management

These challenges make it essential to introduce an Electronic Correspondence Management (ECM) solution. The ECM system is a digital solution for scanning mail so that the physical letters received (and the information they contain) can be organized and managed within an organization.
Workey ECM is a simple, intuitive application that makes users’ lives easier by distributing, processing and supervising all incoming and outgoing mail, regardless of its source and format. The incoming mail distribution workflow will be applied based on your organization. All departments are informed and can process their mail more easily. The solution provides automated mechanisms that can, for example, generate outgoing replies directly based on templates.

  • Costs associated with the manual operations of mail processing, sorting and distribution
workey correspondence management
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Rich features for processing and monitoring incoming and outgoing mail

  • Capturing different document channels: paper, email, forms, phone calls
  • Indexing mail to enable multi-criteria searching
  • Customizable workflow for distributing mail between departments, optionally based on its nature, type, degree of urgency etc.
  • Secure access
  • Monitoring dashboard for keeping track of mail status in real time and its location in the organization (department, team etc.)
  • Contact database management (creation, update, searching)
  • Management of mail annotations
  • Mail merge based on templates for replying to mail
  • Production, modification and online validation of replies
  • Mail classification in the EDM system for archiving based on your classification scheme
  • Signature of outgoing mail via a signature book
  • Graphical statistics for managing all mail (by category, status, degree of urgency etc.)

Mail monitoring and supervision

Workey ECM provides real-time monitoring of all correspondence by department, degree of urgency, nature and deadline to strengthen relationships with users and customers.
Internal mail management procedures are respected in terms of both distribution and drafting replies in order to reduce operational risks. The workflow circuits are fully customizable via a graphical tool for defining processes.
Workey ECM saves you time and boosts your productivity by focusing users on added-value tasks in their everyday management of incoming mail.

Workey ECM presents indicators and dashboards to provide real-time information on the mail management process.

A single click gives access to the state of progress in each case, including the information that is still missing or the next steps to close the case efficiently:

  • Which letters are waiting to be read or replied to?
  • Which are the sensitive letters that need to be dealt with first?
  • How can a particular case be moved forward?
  • Statistics and comparisons between different departments, teams, mail types etc.
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An electronic correspondence management solution that can be customized to meet all your needs

The Workey ECM solution incorporates a powerful workflow engine and an EDM system for storing all your mail. All the elements of the solution can be customized with no need for development:

  • Dashboard
  • Distribution workflow
  • Processing workflow
  • Data entry forms for mail metadata
  • Monitoring statistics
  • Free version

A correspondence management solution with multiple benefits

The ECM system is far more than just a mail scanning solution – it is a business application that fits into the heart of your ecosystem. Electronic correspondence management (ECM) provides many benefits that will immediately be appreciated by your staff at all levels of the organization:

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for users

  • A single interface for accessing mail to be processed
  • Increased productivity in the reply processing cycle thanks to the use of collaborative tools
  • Electronic filing tray listing the mail to be processed
  • Easier mail classification in the EDM system
  • Simplified searching to help respond quickly to users
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for the mail room

  • No more mail distribution trolleys
  • No more paper copies
  • Time saving and increased productivity for better user relations
  • Dashboard for monitoring each department for better traceability
  • Compliance with contractual deadlines
    to reduce operational risks
  • Enforcement of confidentiality through
    secure access
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for the IT department

  • A solution available off the shelf
  • Simple deployment thanks to the 100% web interface
  • A solution that can be customized with no development
  • Compliance with market standards (LDAP, DBMS, HTML5, SMTP etc.)
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for senior management

  • Real-time monitoring of all correspondence by department, degree of urgency, nature and deadline to strengthen relationships with users and customers
  • Compliance with internal procedures in terms of both distribution and drafting replies in order to reduce operational risks.
  • Time saving and increased productivity to focus users on added-value tasks

Replay the ECM software webinar: Mail digitalization, benefits and solutions.

View the webinar on electronic correspondence management

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