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What is a contract library?

A single, secure repository for all your contracts

In many cases, signed contracts are scanned and stored in a shared folder in PDF format, with an Excel file, laboriously updated, trying to keep track of the contract. This approach quickly reaches its limits when the volume of contracts grows large and information sharing is essential. Contracts are not reserved solely for the legal department.

A contract library quickly becomes indispensable to give access to information and provide autonomy for employees whose role requires access to certain contracts.

All contracts, regardless of their type (supplier, customer, partner etc.), are centralized in a single repository, making searching easy. Every contract is recorded with metadata to describe it, including supplier name, contract type, term etc.

Easier access to information about all contracts

A contract library stores not just the scanned contract, but a collection of information that makes searching easier based on multiple criteria. Using filters, you can simply list all a particular supplier’s contracts, all the contracts of a certain category, all the contracts expiring within three months etc.

Accessing a contract and finding specific clauses is a quick and simple operation for anyone authorized to access the contract library.

Reduced contract monitoring costs

Monitoring and managing contracts with an Excel spreadsheet is time-consuming and risky if you have a lot of contracts. It quickly becomes difficult to track expiry dates and contractual commitments.

A contract library provides automated features that facilitate everyday contract management.

  • You are alerted when a contract nears its expiry date
  • You are alerted about the contractual commitments included in the contract
  • You can generate termination letters using mail merge and a template letter
  • Expiry dates and anniversaries are calculated automatically
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Why digitalize contracts?

Electronic contract management

Digitalizing the contract management process using a contract library is a key way of enabling you to reduce operational risks, give autonomy to the teams responsible for contract management and control your contracts.

A contract library is a secure space for storing contracts, but also a space where the whole life cycle of a contract can be managed easily, with features to support contract creation, approval (workflow), electronic signature, automatic reminders of expiry dates and monitoring of contractual commitments.

The single interface makes it very easy to find a contract or a specific clause using a search engine or filters.

A contract library provides the following features:

  • Contract storage
  • Automatically pre-enter contractual information based on metadata
  • Multi-criteria searching
  • Search filters
  • Access permissions for contracts
  • Monitoring the fulfillment of contracts
  • supervision and reporting

To find out more about supplier contract management

To find out more about contract management

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